Premium Electric Moped, SB50 Urban License, 2000W, 20AH, 45kmh, 60km Range, Black, Smart Balance

Premium Electric Moped, SB50 Urban License, 2000W, 20AH, 45kmh, 60km Range, Black, Smart Balance
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This vehicle comes with a dedicated Identity Card approved by the Motor Vehicle Register, a document with which the vehicle can be easily and quickly registered anywhere in the European Union.

The SB50 Urban License Electric Moped can be driven on public roads only by holders of an AM or B (car) driving license. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 45km/h. Any attempt to tamper with the factory electronic settings automatically voids the product warranty, but may have serious consequences, both for your personal safety and security and for the legality of driving on public roads in the territory where you use this vehicle.

Smart Balance's SB50 Urban License Electric Moped is an always fashionable vehicle with top specifications and quality materials. Be Smart, save time and money on the things that really matter to you, while the American Chopper design and wide wheels will put you in the spotlight and attract all eyes.

The SB50 Urban License Electric Moped comes in a unique combination of Matte Black with bright Silver/Chrome. The rear suspensions have a Black/Red detailing that provides a great detailed accent, and the rounded frame shapes ensure a fluid design that always catches attention. From any angle you check it out, it's an imposing and distinctive vehicle.

The SB50 Urban License Electric Moped is equipped with full led lights, brake lights, reflective accents, left and right handlebar mirrors, front and rear mud flaps, left-right turn signals, stable side jack, passenger backrest. An important safety feature in any situation is the front-back hydraulic perforated disc brake, with which the vehicle can stop within a minimum braking distance.

The road stability for the SB50 Urban License Electric Moped is excellent, the chassis is electronically balanced from the factory, so you can enjoy smooth rides every time and free of any strange rattles and noises. You're always in control, the steering is precise and the handling of this product is smooth and natural. The left-right balance is also electronically balanced, and the width of the front and back wheels adds to the simplicity of both straight roads, and cornering.

The SB50 Urban License Electric Moped is a very comfortable chopper on paved roads, but we also frequently use it on paved roads, gravel, sandy roads or forest trails for extra fun. The dust/water protection level is IP54, so if it's not pouring rain, you can ride safely on forest paths or other dirty roads that don't exceed a 30 degree incline. The dual rear suspension provides extra comfort on bumps and the front suspension gives you extra comfort on both gravel, paved or sandy roads.

With the SB50 Urban License Electric Moped, the fun is always guaranteed whether you ride alone or with a passenger. The maximum recommended capacity is 180kg, and you have two comfortable seats available for longer or shorter rides. The seat is fitted with soft, padded, high-quality eco-leather upholstery. Look on the internet for ways to extend the life of the material. You have useful storage spaces under the seat and in the floor space; these storage spaces are very useful for things you don't want to lose, or that you want to transport safely from A to B.

Also, if you ride without a passenger, you have plenty of room for everyday shopping, thanks to the large platform width between the handlebars and the seat.

The digital display always shows you the battery level, speed and other essential information.

The battery is removable, and at any time you can opt to purchase an extra battery from our online shop, which will give you an extra 60km of range. An important aspect to understand is that the range of any electric vehicle, including this one, varies depending on a wide range of factors, including the vehicle speed, the total weight carried, the average gradient of the distance travelled, the gradient of the road segments, the favorable or unfavorable direction of air circulation (wind), extreme temperatures (high or low), etc.

If you opt for the EXTENDED AUTONOMY version, you get two batteries, so you get double the range. The batteries charge easily and quickly, in 5-8 hours depending on the charging source. The batteries charge at 220V (for different voltage chargers, please mention this in the order comment section when placing your order, and we’ll be happy to accommodate any type of standard charger socket).

Please find the main product specifications below. For any further information, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Department (use the contact form, or call the local telephone number on our online shop)
Engine Power: 2000W
Battery: Lithium, 60V, 20AH
Number of Batteries: 1 (Extended Autonomy version is equipped with 2 batteries).
Charging time: 5-8h depending on the power of the charging source
Maximum weight allowed: 200kg, 2 persons
Maximum recommended weight: 180kg, 2 persons
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Range: up to 60km
Product weight: 70kg
Dimensions: 176x37x82 cm
Dust/water protection: IP54
Climb angle/range: up to 30 degrees

*Information note:
IP54 stands for protection against dust and microscopic debris. Protection against water spray at any inclination.
Range as well as maximum speed may vary depending on user weight, ramp angle, wind speed and direction, road conditions, etc.

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